Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Week 3 - Teddy's Preschool

Teacher Comments for the week of July 9 - 13, 2007
Theme: My Feet

- During the story telling of "When the Elephant Walks", Teddy preferred to play with his classmate. Nevertheless, he was able to name the bear, elephant and mouse in the story.

- Teddy marched, walked, jogged, ran, kicked and jumped, during our Feet Movements Activity. He enjoyed jumping most especially.

- Teddy was quick to identify the circle and the color blue during the "Hop on Colors" Game. He happily followed instructions when they were asked to jump, march and kick while inside the red, blue, and yellow circles. He still gets confused with the colors red and yellow. In time, Teddy will be more familiar with these.

- Teddy is more familiar with our daily routines now. He automatically goes to the bathroom to wash his hands after Snack Time. Good Job, Teddy! =)

- During our Matching Activity, Teddy easily identified and matched his shoes, slippers, and socks. Keep it up!

- Teddy enjoyed walking around as he followed our "Track My Footprints" Activity.

- Teddy enjoyed exploring the paint with his feet during our Foot Painting
Art. He eagerely followed the feet movements instructed by the teacher.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Week 2 at Teddy's Preschool

(that's my hand above...and it looks like he's going to catch up soon!)

Teacher comments for the week of July 2 - 6, 2007
Theme: My Hands

During our review of the "Parts of the Face", Teddy identified all the parts correctly by pointing to the head, nose, mouth, and ears. He was able to follow the head exercises as well. He can look up, look down, turn his head left, right and around :-)

In our "Hair on My Head" Activity, the students were asked to stick pieces of yarn on the pictures of hairless faes. Teddy was able to stick the yarn on top of the head. Good Job, Teddy!

Teaddy enjoyed our different hand activites. He followed the fingerplays - clapping, shaking, rolling, wiggling, rubbing and pounding of hands as he listened to the music. When we sang the "Where is Thumbkin?" song, Teddy tried to put his fingers up one by one. He enjoyed making and kneading the playdough too. Teddy was able to sort the big and small hands by putting the big hands in one box and the small hands in another box. Good job, Teddy! :-)

Teddy's appetite has improved a little although he still cannot finish his snacks. In time, we hope he would be encouraged to eat more as he sees his peers eating heartily.

During Free Choice last Wednesday, Teddy wrote down numbers 1, 6, and 7, and identified these numbers correctly. :-)

Teddy is identifying the letters "a", "b", "c", "d", "s", and "t". During Computer Time, he also identified the animals - cow, horse, fish, and frog correctly.

Teddy has yet to learn to wait for his turn. During Play Time, he grabs toys from his classmates. We explain to him that he needs to wait for his turn. However, despite constant reminders, he still continues to grab. In time, he will learn to develp this social skill. But we would appreciate it if you can help us explain this to him also.

Actually, Teddy knows all the uppercase and lowercase Alphabet already and counts 1 to 20. He even counts backwards...5...4...3...2...G...whoops! Unfortunately, he learned numbers from frequent elevator use...

I'm glad his appetite has improved. Hope he doesn't swipe anymore snacks from his classmates. Below is a picture I took when we attended the Birthday Party of Joshua, Jude's eldest...he ate some of the food but most of it ended on the floor.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Boracay Weekend Getaway

This is my second trip to Boracay and I must say, accomodations on this trip tops the first one! Nix and I checked in at Discovery Shores in Boracay. We loved the room so much that we couldn't decide whether to stay in or go to the beach!

View from our 1-bedroom suite

Sala with with LCD TV and a super comfy sofa

Can you believe it?! An Ipod Dock!!! (luckily I brought an ipod)

Dining and Kitchen

Welcome Peanut Butter cookies that we wiped out in 5 seconds...

"When little things matter..."
Going back to the bedroom would always be so sweet... A dessert would always be laid out for us to enjoy. Whenever we go to the beach, a glass of refreshing iced tea would greet us when we go back to our lounging chairs. The staff were courteous and eager to help us out.

Speeding down the road in a little Buggy!

Week 1 at Teddy's Fundamentals Preschool

Fundamentals gives a weekly assessment of the children. Here is what Teddy's teacher has observed so far...

"Theme for the week of June 25 to 29, 2007: Parts of the Face"

Teddy is still adjusting the school environment. He is very curious of his surroundings. He tries to leave the Junior Toddler Area after changing and would always want to go outside, especially to the matted area. Also, although Teddy can easily follow instructions, he has yet to be familiar with the daily routines done in class like rolling the mat, packing away of materials, and packing away of slippers before going to the matted area for Circle Time.

During Free Choice last week, Teddy chose to work with the Lacing Material. He easily sorted the blocks by colors, lacing all the yellow blocks on one stick and blue blocks on another stick. :-)

Teddy actively participated in the Kissmark Activity. He happily planted kissmarks on the lip pattern. :-)

Teddy is still very eager to try the materials on the shelves. He would get a material and work on it for a while. He would then get another material even if he has not finished with the previous one. We explain to him that he should at least pack away the first material he got so his other classmates can use it too.

Teddy enjoys Circle Time very much. He dances to every song we play. However, his eagerness makes it difficult for him to sit down and stay put as he does the sit-down songs such as fingerplays.

During Storytelling of "The Big Wide-Mouthed Frog", Teddy preferred to walk around the classroom. As we called his attention, he instinctively sits down. After a few minutes, he stands up again, distracting his classmates.

Teddy participated in our "Facial Expressions" Activity. The children were shown flashcards of different facial expressions - happy, sad, angry, and sleepy, and they were made to imitate it. The children were then asked to pick out one expression and do it. Teddy got the happy face and made a big smile :-)

Teddy participated in the "Face Puzzle" Activity. The children were asked to stick the eyes, nose, mouth, and ears on a paper plate to make a face. Teddy glued the different parts as he eagerly explored the art material :-)

Las Friday, Teddy brought chocolate mallows for snacks. We opened one piece but he did not want to eat it. Beside him was a classmate who brought Bread Sticks. Befroe we could even stop him, Teddy took a fiew pieces from his classmate and ate it.

During Snack Time, Teddy eats very little. We have noticed him looking over the snack of his classmates. May we suggest you make him bring rice and sausage as this is what seems to attract his attention. With regard to this, may we remind you that we discourage chocolate flavored cakes or biscuits for snack. (hehe...oops)